Saturday, June 4, 2011

USD 321 Billion for Neymar? That's a joke!

Neymar agent, Wagner Ribeiro, denying the issue in the English media who called Santos has received an offer of 26 million euros (about USD 321 billion ), from Chelsea to get his client.  Ribeiro then stated that Neymar not going to move from Santos because they feel still at home in the Brazilian club" All the speculation of England did not make sense. In August, Santos declined the offer of 35 million euros ( approximately Rp 432 billion ). So, how can ( President Chelsea ) Roman Abramovich now offers 26 million euros for Neymar? It makes no sense and it makes  I laughed, " said Ribeiro to Brazilian Marca. " He does not and will never leave Santos. He is happier now and is focusing on Libertadores competition, " he continued. He added, " Of course he could arouse the interest of many clubs because of his appearance in the field. However, I assure you, there is currently no bids for him. "  Ribeiro himself revealed, Neymar prices currently range of 45 million euros ( about USD 556 billion ).  That is, if Santos really want to take it off". You have to pay 45 million euros for him. That if Santos would like to sell it. At this time, Santos has not been willing to sell it, " said the agent..

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