Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Old Trafford has been a dream park " Red Devils "

This is the most beautiful stadium, the most extensive, and most exciting places in the world compete. As a football field, Old Trafford unmatched in the world.  This is the dream and the honor of Manchester United. "Sporting Chronicle wrote a day after the opening of the stadium on the issue of Saturday, February 19, 1910.  At that time, Old Trafford was shocked the world.  The building is so handsome, spacious and create a magical atmosphere. There is a stadium with a capacity of 80,000 people in the early 19th century, a great sensation.  Old Trafford soon became the most spectacular stadium in the UK and nearly every player wants to perform there..
    Especially when it has not been born and Wembley stadium was built on April 23, 1923.  So, Old Trafford became an important event in the UK, including the FA Cup final.  Even in the 1939 final between Wolverhampton opponents Grimsby explosion spectators who reach approximately 76,962 people.Since then, Old Trafford important shrines like English football. Although later emerged nice stadiums, including Wembley, but the historical value and prestige of Old Trafford was never gone.
    Instead, this stadium has more charisma.  The atmosphere is even more magical and exciting. In England, the sound of chanting spectators at Old Trafford most exciting. Even the ever measured strength exceeds the plane rumble was Jumbo Jet take of Football event at the stadium was like a theater featuring multidimensional drama.  There was singing, dancing, and various elements of other arts, including drama of football.  Therefore, the Manchester United legend," Sir Bobby Charlton" to refer to the stadium as The Theater of Dreams. The stadium is always present great drama in almost every game. Football dreams soar and raging in this arena. For Manchester United, Old Trafford is like a dream garden.  Because of that, Bobby Charlton called the theater of dreams However, the stadium was not able to accommodate public enthusiasm and interest of Manchester, as well as other spectators.  Therefore, the match at Old Trafford has become part of the tour.  Thus, additional capacity continues to be done.In fact, Manchester United have big plans. The stadium capacity will be increased again to a capacity of 96,000.  This is obviously want to maintain the majesty MU Old Trafford and keep the stadium remains one of the most sacred places in the UK, even the world.  For, if the plan is realized, it means that its capacity will exceed Wembley which has been renovated into a capacity of 90,000.

the Uniqueness of Old Trafford as follow:
The stadium 's most lots appeared in movies, among them the Hell Is a City (1960 ), Billy Liar (1963 ), and Charlie Bubbles (1968 ).
The first stadium to build a security fence in anticipation of hooliganism in the 1970s.
• From April to November, Old Trafford grass is cut three times a week.  December to March is cut once a week.
Below ground installations are 10-inch plastic pipe that supplies hot water to melt the snow that fell onto the grass.

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