Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Manchester United and Beckham the richest version of " Forbes "

American business magazine, Forbes, named the Manchester United and the Los Angeles Galaxy midfielder, David Beckham, as the richest club and player in the world today. trillion ) Forbes reported that the wealth MU reached 1.12 billion pounds ( about  USD 16 trillion ). This became the seventh year for MU this position.  MU won over Real Madrid ( second position ) which property has only 900 million pounds ( about  USD12 trillion ) and Arsenal ( third ), who pocketed £ 700 million ( around  10 USD trillion ).  In fourth place, Forbes put the German club, Bayern Munich, followed by Spanish giants Barcelona..While the two big Premier League teams, Chelsea and Liverpool, also entered the   top ten world 's richest club version of Forbes Magazine..                                    

         Chelsea occupies the seventh position with worth 400 million pounds ( about  USD 5 trillion ). While Liverpool is perched on the ranking ninth with a fortune that reached 332 million pounds ( about USD 3 trillion ).Beckham entitled to get the player with the largest income after defeating the duo 's best players now, Cristiano Ronaldo ( Real Madrid ) and Lionel Messi ( Barcelona ).  With revenues reaching 24 million pounds ( about USD 343 billion ), straddling Beckham Ronaldo, who pocketed the revenues of 23 million pounds ( about USD 328 billion ) and Messi, who had a revenue of 19 million pounds ( approximately $ 271 billion ).

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