Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Mesut Oezil is the king of European assits

Mesut Oezil is the king of European assist, and he has been considered to be the best purchase of Real Madrid in the season just passed.  In addition to satisfactory performance on the pitch, the midfielder proved it by reaching the status of the king of Europe assists. Total 26 assists made ​​Oezil for Madrid in the season 2010/2011.  Of these 17 were he made ​​in La Primera Liga, seven in the Champions League, as well as two others in the Coppa del Rey. With this amount the German midfielder to be a giver bait topnotch in the Blue Continent this season.  He's thin lead over the creation of Lionel Messi 24 bait led to goals for Barcelona, as well as in all competitions. Sitting behind him was the FC Porto striker, Givanildo Vieira de Souza, known as Hulk.  Marca quoted from Brazilian footballer make 21 assists for his colleagues.

Here are the most European Assist footbalers List

1 Mesut Oezil (Real Madrid), 26 assists
2 Lionel Messi (Barcelona), 24 assists
3 Hulk (FC Porto), 21 assists
4 Dusan Tadic (FC Groningen), 21 assists
5 Christian Tiffert (Kaiserslautern), 20 assists
6 Dries Mertens (Utrecht), 20 assists
7 Marvin Martin (Sochaux), 19 assists
8 Daniel Alves (Barcelona), 18 assists
9 Didier Drogba (Chelsea), 17 assists
10 Adel Taarabt (Queens Park Rangers), 16assits

Monday, May 30, 2011

Barca won the champions league with perfectly

Barcelona won the Champions League with a perfect game in the final.  It was so perfect, Azulgrana also praised to the skies by the world media.

Robustness of the fort Manchester United during the Champions League event finally collapsed by Barca.  They like to teach the 'Red Devils ' play football and barely give MU a chance to take breath.

As a result Barca won 3-1 through goals from Pedro Rodriguez, Lionel Messi and David Villa.  Manchester United could only reply through Wayne Rooney.

Messi also played incredible game that made ​​him crowned as the Man of the Match, made up valid evidence.

Li Na Take a history in French Open 2011

Li Na made ​​it through the party hard against Petra Kvitova. in order to qualify for the quarterfinals of the French Open.  The victory is once again recorded a sixth seed in the history books.

Played a fourth round match on Court Philippe Chatier on Monday ( 5/30/2011 ), Li was forced to play a rubber set to beat Kvitova.  After submission of the initial sets, Li comeback and win the next two sets to win 2-6, 6-1, 6-3.

Reuters quoted, this success made ​​the first Chinese tennis player Li as successful through the last eight Rolland Garros.Li, there have been three successful Asian player to reach this stage after the Open era.  They are the two Japan Kazuko Sawamatsu and tennis player Kimiko Date - Krumm and Yaroslava Shvedova beat Kazakhstan.

Services Li, Kvitova defeated twice in the opening set but it turns servicing Czech tennis player Li broken twice in the second set.  Li then won the next five games to equalize.

Li lost serve in the second game in the decider when he did a double - fault.  However Kvitova failed to maintain its superiority after he lost in six games last.

Furthermore, Li will challenge the winner of the fourth round of the other party between fourth-seeded Victoria Azarenka of counter Ekaterina Makarova to fight a ticket to the semifinals.

Here are the best XI starting of Champions league 2011

Champions League is over already.  Barcelona emerged as champions after beating Manchester United ( MU ), 3-1 in the final at Wembley Stadium, Saturday or Sunday ( 5/29/2011 ) early morning hrs.  Then, whoever the best players throughout the 2010-11 Champions League worth 11 teams entered the best?

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Do you think Barcelona squad is Best of all Time?

With an attractive attacking game, under the direction of Barcelona Josep Guardiola has reaped much praise lovers of football.  Whether this is the best team of all time? Guardiola offers a refresher since gush Barca in 2008.  In his hands, the Los Azulgrana play attractive football, with a flow that cradles the ball as well as with high aggressiveness.Guardiola concept is touted as a fusion of tiki - taka style of Spanish style with distinctive Dutch total football was amazing.  Moreover, he is supported by first-class players.In the midfield, which is the life of the Barca game, fester, two figures capable of working the ball to all corners of the shed, that Andres Iniesta and Xavi Hernandez.  In front, Barca have Lionel Messi, from Argentina to child prodigy of his skill does not make sense sometimes With a style like that, Guardiola has so far won three Spanish League titles, one Champions League title and get a second chance, and each one Copa del Rey, European Super Cup and Club World Cup.Naturally, if then there is a meyebut that Barca made ​​by Guardiola was one of the best teams ever.  Guardiola himself admitted to not knowing where to position his team when compared with the great teams in the past. In addition to trophy hunting as usual a professional team, Guardiola had a dream that is simple.  He wants to play Barca's style is remembered for the public until a decade into the future.

the Champions league final 2011 contrast to Final 2009

Two years ago Manchester United 2-0 in Barca bend party at Rome summit goal by Samuel Eto'o and Lionel Messi.  The condition of both camps are now not much changed. There are some stars that come and go.  However, Iniesta believes, it still will affect both teams In 2009, MU depend on individual figures such as Cristiano Ronaldo.  Now Manchester United play more collective.  "It's always better to have a player like him ( Ronaldo ). However, they have brought new players and they have a good team, " said Iniesta, as reported by Barca 's official website. Every moment has its own story.  Final had to be like that.  We won ( in 2009) and it is a reward for all the hard work we do.  That is a very special season, " he said. Final is not comparable.  It is similar because of the style and this is the last party, but I do not think there is another similarity. " They will have that game ( 2009) in their minds, as well as ours. However, I believe, this will be a different final. you never can compare one with another final. There's always a different game, with players  distinct and different expectations, " added the 27-year man."

Friday, May 27, 2011

Prediction of Champions league final 2011

I admitted hoped, the Champions League final match, Saturday or Sunday ( 5/29/2011 ) early morning local time, between Manchester United against Barcelona it will generate a lot of goals. I also thinks, the attraction of the two teams would make this game very interesting.The defeat in Rome in 2009 past the final assessed will be a valuable lesson for Manchester United of turning defeat Barcelona this final. At that time, Manchester United lost to Barcelona goal by Samuel Eto'o and Lionel Messi. Barcelona looked very tired and MU actually quite sharp physique in the last three or four games. For me it takes three weeks to recover physically and I'm not sure that Barcelona will have enough time. They will be locked her knees so I rate this a good opportunity for MU but I remain confident that the tactics of Manchester United will be able to cope with the game ball from foot to foot that is characteristic of Barcelona Even though, Barcelona will excel in their mastery on the ball position To predict who will win and get the best one in final is rather difficult because Both of teams are considered as the best football club and players in the world and  everything can happen in the field and it is totally differently when They are in the field There fore, We are still looking forward who will get the title of champions league 2011 in Wembley, Manchester United or Barcelona???

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Wayne Rooney should shine in Wembley

If Manchester United want to beat Barcelona, they need their important players to shine and nothing is more important than Wayne Rooney. Rooney will be a vital role if Manchester United want to beat Barcelona. Rooney is a Barcelona player who is considered as the greatest threat that would thwart their ambitions beat Manchester United repeated the feat two years ago.  Just like how the Manchester United saw Lionel Messi.  Rooney had his best game show, against the best players in the world, against the strongest teams in the world, in the final competition of the most watched football in the world.  How incredible that he managed to do that In the last 12 months can be said Rooney's performance is far from standard.  It started when he played poorly in the World Cup, and continuing at the club until he was later injured.In the last 12 months can be said Rooney's performance is far from standard.  It started when he played poorly in the World Cup, and continuing at the club until he was later injured.Rooney has the quality of engineering and natural movements that arouse in the field who can make a mess opponent 's defense line, thus opening opportunities for himself or his team-mates whether Rooney will play alone in front, so Ferguson could play a similar pattern of Inter Milan or Rooney will playing with Javier Hernandez to sharpen the attack but reduced defense. That's why Rooney's position and its performance becomes important.  If he can show the real ability the opportunity to win for Manchester United's open.  If not, it will be very heavy.. 

Barcelona costume from Trash

           BARCELONA will compete using the latest costumes at home and away season 2011-2012.  Costume is made ​​of garbage, but put forward a modern aesthetic style and cutting-edge technology. In addition, the costume also still maintain the tradition and history of the club that is very typical.Costume cage fixed forward line of burgundy and blue colors that are very famous all over the world with eleven lines which is highlighted for the first time.  On the inside of the collar bearing the motto " Tots units FEM for├ža " ( All together, strong or We Are Together, we are strong ), taken from the song greatness club Barcelona. For the costume away, Barcelona select black color and gives a very strong impression in every game away.  Paper put forward a black uniform, black and gray on the shoulders reminiscent of the Catalan flag, Senyera. While history and tradition of the club comes with a very strong on uniform design.  All costumes are made from recycled polyester made ​​by Nike.  This technology is for the first time made ​​for clothes and pants. Each set of costumes made ​​from 13 recycled plastic bottles.  This new manufacturing process that can reduce energy use by 30 percent compared with traditional polyester manufacturing process and has saved nearly 100 million plastic drink bottles not to be disposed of in landfills.Pants on cage costume is blue and has a distinctive burgundy -colored lines on each side, combined with blue socks with the letters " FCB " colored yellow on the calf. While the pants in a black costume away by putting forward the letters " FCB " yellow as well This lightweight costume (13 percent lighter than previous versions ) actively regulate body temperature players on the field to keep them dry and cool all the time, through technology, Nike Dry - Fit.  This technology can draw perspiration from the player 's body through the sweat evaporate the material.Body temperature regulation is also assisted by the ventilation zone, which consists of hundreds of holes cut by laser from the armpits to the waist, which enables air circulation that helps keep players dry, cool, and comfortable.For the first time, the club emblem on the shirt is made with the ability to distribute the heat.  This makes the costume more mild and the area serves as a vent also.  In this season, Barca shirt has the latest aerodynamic fit, slimmer and more athletic, enabling stretching up to 17 percent of the jerseys used Barcelona two years ago.While the collar that blends give the appearance of a seam that can reduce the irritation due to friction.  Completing the costume play this latest Barcelona, Nike also launched a series of workout clothes ( training) and lifestyle for the players and their fans that can be used in the field and off the field.Highlighting the symbols and heritage that has been to unite the club and fans as well as the latest lifestyle apparel including uniforms rugby and N98 which have embroidered jacket " Barca " golden.   

Clijsters Must Forget Dream Champion in French Open

Kim Clijsters had to forget his dream of first title on clay court Grand Slam French Open.  Second seed has been eliminated in the second half after giving up a 6-3, 5-7, 1-6 of the Dutch player, Arantxa Rus.In fact, Clijsters is one of favorites to win at Roland Garros.  Williams duo 's absence, Serena and Venus, and retirement decisions of Belgian compatriot, Justine Henin, Clijsters to make the strongest candidate to win the French Open, along with Maria Sharapova. What can I say, Clijsters performance in this match is not convincing.  Apparently, an ankle injury he experienced when dancing in her cousin 's wedding earlier this month she did influence the appearance of this 27-year -old players.Actually, Clijsters had a chance to end the match in straight sets when reached match point in the 5-4 position.  However, Rus did not want to give up.  The left-handed tennis player continues to put pressure on a cross court pass, which makes Clijsters often one anticipates.  Consequently, when the equalizer can be 5-5, Rus grab the next two games to win 7-5. In the third set, Rus unstoppable again because he only lost one point in the second game.  After that, the Russians swept the next five games to end the gait Clijsters in the grand slam she had never won it.  So far Clijsters, who won the U.S. Open, 2005, 2009, 2010 and Australian Open 2011, only capable of being a finalist at Roland Garros in 2001 and 2003. In the last 32 of the later, of Rus, which ranked WTA - 114, will meet the winner between Russian player, Maria Kirilenko, and Chanelle Scheepers of South Africa.  They will fight a ticket to the round of 16.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Van Persie admires classic car

Many are curious, what cars like Arsenal star Robin van Persie.  If the other football players have such a luxury car Ferrari, Mustang, Hummer, Bentley, BMW, and so on, then Van Persie is assumed to also have a collection of luxury. But it turns out, many are mistaken.  The Dutch striker is exactly like the classic -style car Through his Twitter account, Van Persie finally answer the curiosity of fans.  He downloaded his favorite car, the Nissan Figaro output 1991, as one of the favorite car and he drove the car that often. So the answer to Van Persie on his favorite car in @ Persie Official.  Of course, it does not mean Van Persie can not buy a luxury car like other players. This is more as a hobby and taste like.

                                                This Image: Van Persie's classic car

Monday, May 23, 2011

Malaga vs Barcelona: 1-3 in La liga priemera

Playing as a visiting team Barcelona beats Malaga by 3-1. Thanks to the Goal of B krickic, I Affelay, and M Batra, bring Barcelona beats Malaga by 3-1 in La liga priemera.


Friday, May 20, 2011

Mario Gomez era in Bavaria

Bayern Munich has always had great invaders and Mario Gomez is currently the best available at the Allianz Arena.  He became the Bundesliga top scorer this season with a plus note. Note these are the first German player in 30 years who scored 28 league goals in one season. In this season he made ​​from 32 matches, 27 of them as a starter. Last German footballer who became the top scorer in the Bundesliga with a number of goals for Gomez was Karl - Heinz Rummenigge, the Bayern chairman was none other than today.  Rummenigge pan 29 goals for Hollywood FC in the season 1980-1981. Gomez made ​​the last goal as Bayern beat his former club, Stuttgart, in the last week with a score of 2-1.  That means he incised nine goals in his last five action this season. Another note, five times he scored a hat - trick of the season, namely the goal Hannover (16/10 ), Stuttgart (19/12 ), Kaiserslautern ( 22 / 1 ), Bayer Leverkusen ( 17 / 4 ), and St.  Pauli ( 7 / 5 ). The other hat -trick in the Champions League he made ​​when Bayern beats CFR Cluj 4-0 at the group stage on November 3. In the history of Bayern, Only Gerd Mueller had a hat -trick more than Gomez in the league.  Legendary Bomber was created six times in the 1971/1972 season, when he became the top scorer with 40 goals.Gomez is the 10th player in Bundesliga history of 48 years who had made ​​at least 28 goals in one season.  In this category, it was Bayern's sixth player ever to do so.Gomez collected a total of 39 goals in all competitions.  In the last season in his first season in Bavaria, 25-year -old player was only posted a total of 14 goals, including 10 alone in the leagueGomez became the first top scorer Luca Toni from Bayern Munich after the season 2007/208.  Duet with Thomas Mueller also has made ​​veteran striker Miroslav Klose out of the way to the bench..

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Samuel Etoo is tiger from Cameroon

Inter Milan striker Samuel Eto'o got lucky.  He was like a tiger while on the field, fierce pouncing on every opportunity and sharp clawed opponent's defense. have a major role as Inter get rid of Bayern Munich in the Champions League round of 16 on Tuesday or Wednesday ( 03/16/2011 ).  Thanks to the sharpness and cleverness of this player from Cameroon, Inter win 3-2 over Bayern in the second leg. One goal and two assists make Inter reverse the situation dramatically, after losing 0-1 in the first leg.  Inter also through to the quarter -finals by winning away goal in the aggregate 3-3. Inter tries to attack Bayern defense seems difficult to disassemble.  However, Eto'o easier.  With the movement and individual action, he often troublesome opponent's defense. Goal of Eto'o created in the 4th minute thanks to the speed and sharpness in exploiting opportunities.  He was able to find the right position to receive feedback from Goran Pandev and break down the Bayern goal through hard kick his left leg.Meanwhile Inter's other two goals thanks to brilliant assists.  First of assists he gave to Wesley Sneijder in the 63rd minute, after rummaging Bayern defense.  Secondly, he makes his team so long bait meaningful.  Breno he cleverly beat in the race for the ball, then took him more dived into the opponent's penalty box, had given to PandevFeed on minute - 88 were highly significant.  Pandev live grabbed the ball with your left leg and ensure the victory of Inter 3-2, while qualifying for the Champions League quarter-finalHe did not want to eat his own chances of that are less profitable and provide the opportunity to choose his partner to score. The work was successfully carried out well and she publicly thanked him worthy Inter..   

Monday, May 16, 2011

Valentino Rossi refuses to go to Japan

Former MotoGP world champion Valentino Rossi and Jorge Lorenzo's world champion refused to reschedule the Japanese GP on October 2, because they do not want to come there Both Lorenzo and Rossi would also admitted trauma with news about the leak at the Fukushima nuclear reactor after the earthquake and tsunami that struck the country last April Rossi has just been told by the producer Dorna that 90 percent of the Japanese Grand Prix will be postponed to October 2.But according to Rossi, not every rider can accept this. Lorenzo said he did not want to go.Actually I also do not want, " said Rossi who is now defending the Ducati team. " like any other rider, I get worried with this nuclear issue. He asked the people in the paddock.They were all worried about the threat of radiation. "

Manchester United are a more complete team without Cristiano Ronaldo

Manchester United are a more complete and better team without Cristiano Ronaldo. The present United team lack the swagger of previous incarnations, but they have a solid spine and France defender Ferdinand feels teamwork has been the key to glory. As the greatest player of the world Ronaldo and having scored a record equalling 38 goals in La Liga so far this season. when he departed for Real Madrid in the summer of 2009 as Chelsea claimed the Premier League title the following season.When Cristiano Ronaldo was at Man Utd he did a great job but the team was playing for him. But since Carlito [Tevez] and Ronny have gone United look more like a team better without Ronny  

Jakarta will be visited the champion of FA cup on June

 England soccer team sponsor Aje Big Cola Indonesia says it will bring the Football Association Challenge Cup to Jakarta as part of the capital’s 484th anniversary next month The FA Cup, along with legendary players from England, will visit the Jakarta Fair,” Aje Big Cola Indonesia representative Agit Atrianto said on Saturday in Jakarta, referring to the city’s annual month-long birthday party.Manchester City FC won its fifth Cup in 42 years on Saturday after beating Stoke City 1-0 in the 2011 final. The oldest cup in the history of world soccer would be displayed at fair for three days, he added, declining which soccer legends would accompany the Cup.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

David Silva has a dream Fabregas join a teamage

David Silva had a dream to play with Cesc Fabregas at Manchester City. According to Silva, his colleague in the Spanish national team that will be ideal recruits for The Citizens City to escape the Champions League next season to make the club Manchester United's derby was believed to strengthen his squad in the upcoming transfer window.  They cited targeted a number of big names, one of them is Fabregas. Fabregas in Arsenal's future is so incessant speculation materials.  This is related to the desire to be able to lift the trophy again, something difficult he embodied with the Gunners Fabregas in Arsenal's future is so incessant speculation materials.This is related to the desire to be able to lift the trophy again, something difficult he embodied with the Gunners..

Ivica Olic is top stricker from Croatia

Playing Style is considered similar to Wayne Rooney. Here is Ivica Olic. However, he's popular late after joining to Bayern Munich, Olic whose eyes of the world that he's a great attacker. Olic who always endanger the opponent 's defense Hat - trick which he printed at the time brought Bayern Munich 's 3-0 win over Olympique Lyonnais and qualify for the Champions League final, the more convincing the world in his abilities. This is the most beautiful in the career of players born in Davor, Croatia, although his age was already 30 years.Bayern get a free Olic of Hamburg SV in January 2009.  Hamburg seem less believe him, until his contract was extended.  Bayern were also not considered a special player, so it just becomes a player or substitute Miroslav Klose Mario Gomez.However, the injury suffered by the two main strikers were given a place for Olic.He immediately showed his ability.  Bayern's game to make the attack under coach Louis van Gaal was very sharp. Olic is a versatile player,He was forceful, insistent, and have a strong instinct goals.  He not only plays as a pure striker, but also a winger.

Many people judge a playing style similar to Wayne Rooney. FC Hollywood " also received a blessing. Now, Bayern and Olic reaping the rewards of the game as a dangerous robber. His contribution is not only a goal getter. But also, the action pressing the opponent makes an attack Bayern often become easy.

Alexis Sanchez is ready to shake the world

Match between Palermo contra Udinese at the Stadio Renzo Barbera, 27 February last, might be a day that will never be forgotten by the fans Udinese. Understandably, for the first time in history, they score a landslide win with 7-0 at Palermo. the record will not happen if Udinese can not have a player named Alexis Sanchez.  Being in the field for 53 minutes, Sanchez able devastated Palermo defense.Four goals from his goal against Palermo sarangkan be valid proof of his prowess on the game. Inevitably, Sanchez finished the conversation of many people.  In fact, there are equating skill Sanchez with Real Madrid star, Cristiano Ronaldo. Seeing his perfomance, it's normal 22-year -old players reap praise. 26 appearances stage match with Udinese in Serie A, Sanchez managed to bring the " Il Zebrette " perched in fourth position standings. Not only that, Sanchez finished second top scorer Udinese to score 12 goals. Manchester United, the club is so desperate to bring it, reportedly ready poured funds amounting to 30 million pounds ( about 428 billion ).A sense of inferiority that he felt increasingly aggravated with oblique comments about her physical condition.  As disclosed MU fans in the UK in a forum, Sanchez is considered not comparable to their former idol, Ronaldo. They did not accept the players ' smell bad " as Sanchez equated with Portuguese players whose nicknamed " The Wonder Boy " was.The fourth position is occupied by Udinese in Serie A standings were not separated from the contribution amount.  Finally, this mini body lift " Il Zebrette "..

Wilshere's like Xavi and Makelele

 Wilshere Lively, strong, young and talented. That's what makes an elegant midfielder Arsenal, Jack Wilshere, got many compliments. A similar playing style Xavi Hernandez made ​​public partly judged as " incarnation " of the Barcelona midfielder.  While the England coach, Fabio Capello, assess Wilshere as a successor to former France midfielder Claude Makelele. Wilshere is now a phenomenon.  He managed to amaze the world after Wenger has always been a mainstay in midfield " The Gunners " even though he was only stepping 19 years.  Not a few coaches who praised the appearance of a player who was on loan to Bolton Wanderes it.  Barcelona coach, Pep Guardiola, call Wilshere as a tremendous player Played 37 times and scored two goals at Bolton to make stunning Wenger Wilshere who then pulled back to the Emirates.  Trust Wenger paid Wilshere with brilliant this season. Played 25 times, Wilshere scored three goals and nine assistsNow, many are hoping Wilshere can give glory, not only for Arsenal but also for England. Can he become Xavi Hernandez while Claude Makelele for Arsenal and England?  We'll see.

Wilshere Data Full name:
 Full Name: Andrew Garry Jack Wilshere. of Birth: Stevenage ( England ), January 1, 1992 Height / Weight: 170 cm/64 kg Club: Arsenal ( 2008-09 ), Bolton ( 2009-10 ), Arsenal ( January 2010 -...)

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Borussia Dortmund celebrates Bundesliga champion title

Bundesliga champions Borussia Dortmund wins to Eintracht Frankfurt with a 3-1 win. Lucas Barrios brought them level in the 68th minute before Robert Lewandowski put them in front just a few minutes later Barrios missed his second penalty of the afternoon in the 81st minute, after Marcel Titsch-Rivero was shown the red card for a professional foul, but he had the last word with the third goal in the last minute.The home side continued to control the game and missed several chances to go into the break ahead and they were soon made to pay. Barrios should have wrapped things up in the 85 after Titsch-Rivero fouled Marcel Schmelzer inside the penalty area, but Fahrmann again denied the Dortmund striker from the spot..

SEA Games constructruction project still continues

The construction project of the athletes’ dormitory for the upcoming SEA Games 2011 in Jakabaring, Palembang, it will proceed despite graft allegations surrounding the project Djoko Pramono said that There is no problem with the athletes’ dormitory; it will be used in late October and the construction work was targeted to be completed by the end of September. [The case] has not interrupted the construction work; it continues on,”  hopefully, As the host Indonesia hopefully can hold this event successfully 

Nadal reaches Italian Open final 2011

Rafael Nadal overcame a stiff first-set challenge from Richard Gasquet to reach final of italian open 2011. before rolling to a 7-5, 6-1 win Saturday in the Italian Open semifinals. In Sunday's final, Nadal will face either second-ranked Novak Djokovic or No. 4 Andy Murray, who were meeting later on another cloudless day at the Foro Italico. Nadal improved his career record in Rome to 31-1, with his only loss coming to countryman Juan Carlos Ferrero in his opening round three years ago. He didn't appear to show any effects of the virus that slowed him during his opening two matches this week Despite the loss, the 16th-seeded Gasquet should take some confidence into the French Open, which starts next weekend. The Frenchman eliminated Roger Federer in the third round and beat seventh-seeded Tomas Berdych in the quarterfinals. .

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Wozniacki ask for help Navratilova

World number one tennis player, Caroline Wozniacki, plans to ask former legendary tennis player Martina Navratilova as an adviser to his career in the future. His coach and father, Piotr Wozniacki, said he wanted Wozniacki is also playing doubles in preparation following the 2012 London Olympics. " In Charleston, I have been talking to Martina Navratilova. In his prime, he is a single player who won not only in big tournaments. He also became the champion in doubles and mixed doubles. "According to Piotr, it intends to make Martina as a consultant.  " It is not easy and inexpensive. He could be worth 300,000 U.S. dollars. But this seems worth it. " Last year, Navratilova had time to make comments about Caroline Wozniacki.  " He has to win a grand slam and it seems he will reach it next year. " Throughout his career, Martina Navratilova reached 18 degree grand slam singles champion, 31 doubles title, and 10 mixed doubles title

Bayern has already claimed to get Manuel Nuer

Bayern muenchen finally set aside in getting Manuel Neuer. Die Roten and claimed Schalke's goal keeper Neuer has agreed on a transfer price which reached around 25 million euros.Bayern Munich have shown interest as if given the green light as the Neuer decision refusing to extend his contract which runs out in 2012.Neuer will be introduced as a new star Munich at the end of this month or early next month newspaper wrote that the Neuer has agreed a four year contract with Bayern and will receive a salary of 8.6 million dollars per season. 

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Antonio Nocerino is new Gattuso

Gennaro Gattuso in the national team 's career has been more closed. Public begins to wish there was a new player like him.Public of Italian judge, one who deserves to replace Gattuso is the Palermo midfielder Antonio Nocerino.  Nocerino himself admitted that Gattuso is his idol. However, he was not worthy of public life are juxtaposed with the Italian legend Although it was not as level as Gattuso, Nocerino has the same type of game with AC Milan 's players.Strong, hard, and perform without compromise is characteristic of the Naples - born player. About the experience? Although only 25 years old, Nocerino ever tasting competition in a big team like Juventus.While in Italy, Nocerino was just tasting the two cap with the senior team.  However, he included in one of Italy 's squad who played in the Olympics in 2008.  He played 11 times in the fourth such annual event.This achievement is not achieved easily. He could taste the bitterness at the start of his professional career.Most of the season which he lived should be spent with the status of loan players.  Avellino, Catanzaro, Crotone, and Messina are a team that had he played with status " players wasted ". He could not be separated from the cold hands of former coach "Dellio Rossi" He made ​​Nocerino grow, not only in terms of tactics, but also in technique.

Here are some athletes with highest incomes all around the world

Here are some athletes who are athletes with the highest incomes all around the world according to ESPN magazine. World's most popular branch, soccer, placing the most representative in this list with the presence of 114 footballers. Football being followed basketball with 18 names, 12 names of baseball, car racing and golf six name five names.


Argentine Carlos Tevez football Manchester City  $19,000,000 $7,666 
Australian Andrew Bogut basket ball Milwaukee Bucks $11,050,000 $47,615 
Brazilian Felipe Massa racing car Ferrari $17,052,632 $8,114
Cameroon Samuel Eto'o football Inter Milan $8,000,000 $1,136
China Yao Ming basket ball Houston Rockets $17,700,000 $3,769
England Lewis Hamilton racing car McLaren $18,473,684 $35,239
Finland Kimi Raikkonen rely Citroen $26,333,333 $44,688
France Franck Ribery football Bayern Munich $14,100,000 $41,226
Germany Dirk Nowitzki basket ball Dallas Mavericks $17,278,618 $40,528
Indonesia Bambang Pamungkas football Persija Jakarta $160,000 $2,349
Italian Valentino Rossi racing motor GP Yamaha/Ducati $20,800,000 $35,289
Japanese Ichiro Suzuki baseball Seattle Mariners $18,000,000 $39,864
Malaysia Lee Chong Wei badminton Malaysia $106,000 $6,967
Netherlands Nigel De Jong football Manchester City $10,500,000 $47,889
Filipino Manny Pacquiao boxing - $32,000,000 $1,747
Portugal Cristiano Ronaldo football Real Madrid $19,500,000 $21,807
Russia Andrei Kirilenko basket ball Utah Jazz $17,822,187 $8,736
South Korea Ji-Sung Park football Manchester United $4,700,000 $17,225
Spain Fernando Alonso racing car Ferrari $22,736,842 $32,605
Sweden Zlatan Ibrahimovic football AC Milan $12,700,000 $43,903
Switzerland Roger Federer tennis - $7,698,289 $65,003
U.S Alex Rodriguez baseball New York Yankees $32,000,000  $44,872
Wales Ryan Giggs football Manchester United $6,300,000 $35,239

Schumacher Will Not Surrender

As a result of never do well, Michael Schumacher is believed by not a few circles will be back soon to retire.  But Schumacher's camp denied it and was convinced that the legend will continue to fight In this season, Schumacher has twice failed to gain points in the four series that has been passed.  In Actual races are held in Turkey a few days ago, he finished just 12, lost much of his team mate Nico Rosberg who finished fifth position. Schumacher whose contract with Mercedes Grand Prix will run out next year still getting the support.Despite the difficult period, Schumacher is believed to not give up. Schumacher has a chance once again to show his class at the Spanish Grand Prix that was held May 22.

The seeded tennis player starting collapse in Rome Open tournament 2011

The seeded tennis player began falling in the second half of Rome Open tournament. Today, recorded four top players failed to continue the pace into the third round.Andrea Petkovic ( Germany ) gave up in the hands of Polona Hercog ( Slovenia ).  Seed - 12 was lost in straight sets with scores 4-6 and 3-6. Agnieszka Radwanska ( Poland ) placed the same fate as the eighth seed with Petkovic. She also must immediately pack up after losing to Elena Vesnina (RUS ) 6-3, 2-6, and 1-6.Another seeded eliminated in the second round is Ana Ivanovic ( Serbia ). She is seeded 13th, Ivanovic failed to stem Yanina Wickmayer ( Belgium ) and lost 6-2, 6-7, and the seed - 3 Marion Bartoli complete list of seeded players who entered the box.  French ninth seed was defeated Anabel Medina Garrigues ( Spain ) 4-6, 3-6.
   Meanwhile, the other seeded players survived.  Fourth seed, Li Na, escaped after a strand Lourdes Dominguez Lino ( Spain ) 6-4, 6-2.  Furthermore, the Chinese tennis players will be challenged Jarmila Gajdosova ( Australia ). Jelena Jankovic also escaped after removing Lucie Safarova ( Czech ) 6-0, 6-3.  Fifth seed from Serbia will meet Anabel Medina Garrigues in the third round. Also qualifying for the third round Samantha Stosur ( Australia ). She is placed as sixth seed beat Iveta Benesova 6-1, 7-5 and will meet Polona Hercog.      

Carlos Tevez is the main target Mourinho

Manager Jose Mourinho, has made ​​Real Madrid and captain of Manchester City striker Carlos Tevez as the main target in the summer transfer market. Mourinho even asked the management of Los Blancos support it with a large transfer of funds to re- unite Carlos Tevez and Cristiano Ronaldo. Both these players have equally strengthened Manchester United before Tevez crossed to Manchester City and Ronaldo move to Madrid.and it seems The Special One is to obtain support of Real Madrid's management. Mourinho has long been admired Tevez lunge kick in the Premier League.Madrid had just contracted the Turkish play-maker Nuri Sahin will most likely be using Lassana Diara or Sergio Canales as a medium of exchange to get the 27-year -old player.Even Madrid is also now off their old target of Atletico Bilbao striker Fernando Llorente.    

Sebastian Vettel believes in F1 season 2011

The 2010 world champion, Sebastian Vettel says that he and his team, Red Bull, not scared with all the uncertainty that is now facing Formula 1. Map of  the recent competition in F1 is very difficult indeed palpable following the implementation of a number of new regulations and the situation is different than the 2010 season. At least, there are three things that now many will greatly affect the condition called ' uncertainty ' is meant.The firstly, used tires from a new single supplier, Pirelli, which of the pre-season test results show different characteristics compared to the 2010 season tires.With a very fast tire character decreased performance, the F1 race is predicted to show an increased number of Pit stop, making the strategy as key to victory.secondly, the use of new devices, movable rear wing, which is predicted to provide many benefits to the rider who was in a position to follow the car in front of him.thirdly, the return of KER, which like the movable rear wing, would give advantage to the rider who was behind another rider during the race, The three things that make a team with a fast car no longer be dominant, because the pole position and fastest lap will not have much effect on the results of the race. The situation faced by each team according to the same Vettel.However, he believes in the ability of Red Bull and because he and his team have done an optimal test, although he continued to recognize not much know what has changed from the other teams.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The top 12 sports clubs with an average salary of the highest player in the world

Based on the Global Sports Salaries Survey 2011, involving 272 teams in 14 leagues in seven sports in ten countries and published by sportingintelligence.Barcelona became a sports club with an average salary of the highest player in the world.  The Catalans beat their eternal rivals, Real Madrid, and New York Yankees baseball club. Here are the top 12 sports clubs with an average salary of highest player in the world.

Club - State - Branch - Sports - League Salary Per Week
1.  Barcelona Spanish Football La Liga 95,081 pounds
2.  Real Madrid Spanish Football La Liga 88,421 pounds
3.  USA Baseball New York Yankees MLB 81 206 pounds
4.  LA Lakers NBA Basketball 78,614 pounds U.S.
5.  USA Basketball NBA Orlando Magic 76 528 pounds
6.  English Football Premier League Chelsea 72,365 pounds
7.  Inter Milan Italian Soccer Serie A 72 111 pounds
8.  Boston Red Sox MLB Baseball USA 72,010 pounds
9.  Denver Nuggets NBA Basketball 71,997 pounds U.S.
10.  English Football Premier League Man.City 70,476 pounds
11.  Utah Jazz NBA Basketball USA 70 068 pounds
12.  Football German Bundesliga Bayern Munich 69 475 pounds

Javier Hernandez Wants the Perfect Season Debut

Javier Hernandez has had a good season with Manchester United. Owner Chicharito nickname was ambitious to improve its season by winning the title.
It is undeniable, Hernandez has now become an important aspect of the MU squad.  Mexican players that have already contributed 20 goals from 41 appearances, mostly starts from the bench. Clearly, the record is far more than good words for a player immigrants who usually need time to adapt to his new club.
" Red Devil " still occupy pole position in the race for the title despite a thin defeat of Arsenal.  Hernandez ambition to make its season debut with a perfect, with the title. " It (the championship ) would mean a lot. I am a strong desire to win medals and also lifted the trophy. It would the perfect season for me here, " said Hernandez in the club's official website. Hernandez believes his team can win the party - which is practically the determination of the title - cons Chelsea at Old Trafford this weekend.  Historical aspects MU believed to be more value than rival. " The fact United are a big club with a great history in these battles. A number of players have been in the game like this before while the new players have a great desire to succeed because we know the history of Manchester united and did not include a lot of painful defeats

Park Ji - sung is often decisive in Manchester United's big games

Park Ji - sung is often decisive in Manchester United's big games
It's hard to call anyone of the most brilliant player in Manchester United's victory over Chelsea determine, a victory that paved the way for United to win record 19th title in the English league. Overall game protege Alex Ferguson at Old Trafford was brushed aside all doubt that Manchester United can win league title with a solid fortress, perfect midfield duo Michael Carrick and Ryan Giggs and striker Wayne Rooney ahead and Javier Hernandez. Game Park Ji - sung also need to get a thumbs-up, especially the skill players from South Korea recently in the face of three Chelsea midfielderPark also provides an indication of how the United develop the game in midfield ahead of the Champions League final against Barcelona on 28 May at Wembley, London.
" United's Park to determine the temp game from the beginning, " They obviously started with a quick and surprise Chelsea. I think, he was the one who decide. "
" In the attack, he also can break through the narrow position, but he also can play in wide positions. He took the ball in places that are not alleged by the opponent defender.
" Park is very dangerous if left alone. I think he played brilliantly. "United select five players in the middle, with Rooney lowered to help Giggs, Carrick, Park and Antonio Valencia.  But last week the formation of such a failure when they face Arsenal. But against Chelsea, United's attack while the defense was also solid smoothly. Barcelona will certainly offer another game than Chelsea. The 30 -year -old players are often installed as a left midfield in United's big game.Quality Park 's defense was also superior compared to Nani and he was also capable of attacking. This can be seen in the game against Chelsea. Giggs looking for Park in the middle position before Hernandez scored the opening goal.

Atlanta Hawks beats Chicago Bulls in NBA eastern semifinal

Atlanta - Atlanta Hawks managed to beat the Chicago Bulls 100-88 in a duel four NBA Eastern Conference semifinals.  These results make scores comparable between the two teams 2-2.
From the beginning, the match that took place at the headquarters of the Hawks, Philips Arena, on Monday ( 09/05/2011 ) morning GMT, running exciting.  The first quarter figure marked each one after another before closing with the Hawks winning 28-26. Chase chase rates again occur in the second quarter, but still thin lead Hawks 47-46.  In the third quarter, the Bulls got up and closed the quarter with a 69-67 advantage. While remaining in the fourth quarter of 4.5 minutes, the Bulls and the Hawks 84-84 draw, but that's the last time the Bulls can match the opponent.  Hawks then soared and eventually win this fight 100-88.
Trio Hawks, Joe Johnson, Josh Smith and Al Horford to play compact and each scored 24, 23 and 20 points.  Smith also appeared dominant in the paint to grab 16 rebounds.
In the stronghold Bulls, Derrick Rose MVP regular become collectors scoring with 34 points and 10 assists.  Carlos Boozer posted 18 points and Luol Deng donated 13 points. Fifth game with a best of seven systems will take place in Chicago on Tuesday ( 10 / 5 ) local time.

Ana Ivanovic was unstopable in Rome Open

Rome - Ana Ivanovic did not meet much resistance in Rome Open first round.  The Serb was defeated Nadia Petrova who resigned because of injury. In the match at the Foro Italico, on Tuesday ( 10/05/2011 ) pm dawn, Ivanovic did not need to complete two sets to advance to the second round.  After the win 6-0 in the first set, leading to this 13th 3-0 lead when Petrova decided to resign because of an injury in the second set.
Next, Ivanovic will face Yanina Wickmayer ( Belgium ) in the second half.  Wickmayer escaped after defeating Angelique Kerber ( Germany ) 4-6, 6-3, and 6-3. Ninth seed Marion Bartoli ( France ), also drove smoothly to the second round.  Bartoli, who beat Spanish qualifier, Arantxa Parra Santonja, with a score of 6-2 and 6-3.  Next, he 'll wait on Anabel Medina Garrigues ( Spain ) in the second half. Meanwhile the other match, beautiful tennis player from Slovakia, Daniela Hantuchova, also survives.  Hantuchova qualify for the second round after beat Tsvetana Pironkova ( Bulgaria ) 6-4, 6-2.  He will meet Kaia Kanepi or Romina Oprandi in the second half. Misfortune experienced by Svetlana Kuznetsova.  11th seed from Russia was knocked out after defeated Greta Arn ( Hungary ) through three- set duel that ended with the score 6-3, 6-7, and 6-7.

Beckham's Global Ambassador for London 2012

To promote the 2012 Olympics which will take place in London, England.World electronics manufacturer, Samsung, appoint David Beckham as a global ambassador for the Olympics next year. Beckham has formed a partnership with Samsung. Los Angeles Galaxy midfielder will be premiering in a multi - platform advertising and public relations campaign, which includes various elements of Samsung's marketing program for London 2012. At the official signing of the partnership, Mr. Gyehyun Kwon, Vice President & Head of Worldwide Sports Marketing of Samsung, said that both sides got a big benefit for their mutual commitments that are designated for youth and sustained effort to encourage more people to participate in sports. " Sport has the unique power to reach out and gather them together, " said Kwon.  " David has been actively taking part in a number of initiatives in helping young people around the world to enjoy a better life, " he added.
David Beckham is the choice of prime numbers to become a global ambassador to sponsor London 2012.His success as a footballer and his role as ambassadors in bringing the Olympics to London is part of the many reasons to select it.

Ferguson tries to stop Barcelona players Xavi-Messi-Iniesta

Manchester United manager, Sir Alex Ferguson, believes, Barcelona's great strength lies in their three remarkable players, ie, Xavi Hernandez, Lionel Messi and Andres Iniesta.  So, he is now preparing appropriate strategies to cope with three players on the Champions League final, May 28.
" What we do is find a solution to cope with Messi, Xavi, and Iniesta. Each person seeking it because they are exceptional players, " said Fergie told radio station Sirius XM.  " Red Devils ' success went to the finals after removing Schalke 04 with a 6-1 aggregate advantage.  While Barca through the finals by getting rid of their nemesis, Real Madrid, with an aggregate 3-1.  This is the final test match in 2009. It was bent MU 0-2.
Even so, Fergie confident, with a material that is owned at this time, his side can avenge the defeat two years ago.  " In the final then, we look pretty good. But then we conceded a bad goal. After that, Barcelona kept the ball well as they did, " said Fergie" We have players who can trouble any team. Hopefully the attackers we will provide a problem for Barcelona, " Said him.

Javier "Chicharito" Hernandez aligned with Messi

The world has known figure Lionel Messi as a great footballer. Now, the greatness of Messi in the field are juxtaposed with Manchester United striker, Javier " Chicharito " Hernandez Balcazar. More indicative of the glorious appearance, better known players Chicharito, when Manchester United beat Chelsea in the Premier League continued earlier this week.  Brazilian soccer legend, Pele greatness Chicharito align with Messi.  Pele even dare stricker of  Mexico said that it will be the successor Messi. 'No doubt, Hernandez is a promising player. He is smart. I have time to watch the action several times on television and he is a fantastic footballer, "said Pele to Soccernet, Tuesday ( 10 / 5 ). " He ( Chicharito ) could be the next Messi because he has great talent. He is very potential, " added Pele. According to Pele there is little difference between Chicharito with Messi.  " There is little difference between the two. Messi to play for a star-studded team like Barcelona and Argentina like Hernandez did not, " said Pele.

Steven Gerrrad believes Luis Suarez can be better than Carlos Tevez.

Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard believes his team mate who is the new Liverpool striker, Luis Suarez, could become a better player than Manchester City striker Carlos Tevez.Suarez. He becames man of the match and scored his fourth goal for the Reds when they won 5-2 over Fulham at Craven Cottage on Tuesday (10 / 5) early morning. When asked his opinion whether the former Ajax striker reminded him of Tevez as a player, Gerrard told Sky Sports: "I think the fair you compare it with Tevez because of sharpness and the way he played." "But to me, What have I seen so far is biased because he is on my team and he is one of our players. I think he could be better," said the captain of the Reds it with confidence.Gerrard revealed that Suarez is a striker who has a movement figure who was liked by the quarterback anywhere.  According to the England national team players from Uruguay striker movement that could provide more options for the midfield to open up opportunities in the future.

"It is the dream of every quarterback, because when you saw him do incredible movement, he gives you the option at any time," said Gerrard.  "But what makes me impressed him was when he did not carry the ball. Tenacity to get the ball again, his manner, and in 92 and 93 minutes he tried to find the second goal. A joy to see what he did tonight," he explained. In the game last night, Liverpool immediately get a victory when Suarez helped create the opening goal by Maxi Rodriguez in just 32 seconds.  Argentina's players then grabbed a hat-trick two in three weeks, but according to Gerrard deserved man of the match given to players from Uruguay who created one goal."That shows how special a Luis Suarez tonight. Usually if you scored a hat trick, you deserve a man of the match. However, the movement of Luis Suarez, his touch, his observations, his vision, the way he scored, was sensational," said Gerrard

Monday, May 9, 2011

Nuri Sahin moves to Real Madrid next season

Nuri Sahin moves to Real Madrid next season. The rumor of transfer Nuri Sahin from Dortmund to Madrid finally is answered by Real Madrid Management that reports The 22 years old player from Turkey will join to Real Madrid next season. Sahin is future player from Turkey even though he was born in Germany but he choose Turkey as his nation. as the young football player Sahin has great potention to his club.his vision and ability to control ball is very great indeed. In Dortmund he also as captain team. Sahin will be contracted in Madrid for 6 years. His transfer is estimated over than 10 million of euro. In Madrid He is expected are able to improve his potention like he plays in Dortmund. Sahin leaves Dortmund after 11 years of service, and he will join former Bundesliga stars Ozil and Sami Khedira at the Primera Division giants.

Lin Dan (China) vs Lee Chong Wei (Malaysia) records

Recently, According to BWF (Badminton World Federation) Lee Chong Wei ( Malaysia) is the 1 st BWF world rangking, Meanwhile Lin Dan ( China) the 2 nd BWF world rangking. the rangking is not made who always wins in the tournaments or How many times he or she gets the title of champions. Actually, the ranking is just a guide not give who is the best one. Because during the game anything can happen such as: crowd pressure, and others factors. but if you ask me to explain and to describe between them. For example they have just met in Yonex all england open championship 2011. in this tournament Lee Chong Wei defeated Lin Dan 21-17 and 21-17. Perhaps, even more noteworthy was that the victory was on clay where Lin Dan has historically been the best when he against Lee Chong Wei but in the court everything can happen. With the recent records between them in many tournament Lin Dan over Lee Chong Wei by 15 times ( Lin Dan)  to 8 times ( Lee Chong Wei).If you see the style of play they are very different each other. Lee Chong Wei is a very good defensive play, and he has fast reaction in the court, he also has powerful smash with starting with rally. Chong Wei has good attitude he is friendly, humble, and so on. Meanwhile, Lin Dan is aggressive player, he is well known as a powerful and great smash, his confidence is very high in the court. but he has very high emotional in court sometimes if we look him he often protest to the lines man. To compare them its hard for us to judge who is best between them. Because in the court things can happen totally differently. The ranking is just the Number it is not so important and the court is very different. Both of players are considered as the best  world Badminton players  I still look forward to see another great game between them.

David Beckham in crash on LA freeway

David Beckham in crash on LA freeway. The accident happened on Friday morning when David Beckham drove a Cadillac and struck a Mitsubishi stalled in the carpool lane of the 405 Freeway in Torrance. but fortunately, Beckham was not serious injuries and hurt after that crass. Meanwhile, According to The California Highway Patrol only the other car's driver was hospitalized after complaining of neck pain. Beckham  plays in Major League Soccer (MLS) and join to Los Angeles Galaxy club in 2007 up to now.Before that, he played in Europe for Manchester United and Real Madrid and was captain of England's national team from 2000 to 2006.  

Roodick is beaten by Simon in 1st round in Rome

Roddick is beaten by Simon in 1 st round in Rome. Playing in the clay-court season Andy Roddick extended his troubled start He can not play well in that game against Simon. He loss to Gilles Simon of France in the opening round of the Italian Open on Monday Simon broke Roddick's serve in the first game of the match and quickly recovered a break by the 12th-seeded American in the opening game of the second set, then cruised from there.Simon The 12th-seeded American is under pressure when he played against Simon.Roddick hit only nine winners to Simon's 23 and committed 27 unforced errors to his opponent's 18. The big-serving American also trailed 4-1 in aces.With the French Open less than two weeks away, Roddick has  last chance to hone his game will come in Nice, France, next week The men's tournaments are being played simultaneously at the Foro Italico for the first time for 33 years.. 

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Persipura advances in AFC Cup

Persipura Jayapura advanced in AFC Cup to the next round of the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Cup after beating South China of Hong Kong 4-2 in Jayapura on Tuesday. Boaz Salossa scored two goals for Persipura, while Zah Rahan and Gerald Pangkali added another two for the host team Xu Deshuai and Ng Wai Chiu scored the visitors’ two goals. Persipura now tops Group H with 10 points with one game left and has a berth secured in the next round.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Man United will get massive prices if they get Double Winner

Man United will get massive prices if they get Double Winner. Man United has great chance to in double winner in this season. They are still on top position in Barclays premier league and through to the UEFA Champions League final against Barcelona in Wembley.. To encourage Man United players, management team will prepare massive price for them. Every match one player receive 1500 pound. their massive price will still increase they get the Barclays Premier League Title and evey player will get 1 billion pounds. and moreover if they could beat Barcelona they will receive almost 2,5 billion pounds. and finally, the Man United's management will give every player about 3 billion pounds for their appreciation management to them

Raul Gonzalez will come back to Bernabeu next season

Raul Gonzalez will come back to Bernabeu next season. Yeah, but he's still as Schalke player. Raul will not play for Madrid any more but he will be invited to play in friendly match that's known as Santiago Bernabeu Trofeo. This report is informed by Schalke official site. Schalke will come to Madrid to fulfill Madrid invitation on August 2011. As the icon of Madrid his come back is very emotional not only for him but also for Madrid fans who always support him during he played in Madrid. Raul played in Madrid for 16 seasons before decided to play in Shalke. In this friendly match, Mesut Ozil also feel emotional atmosphere because Ozil ever played with Schalke before move to Bremen in 2008. 

Who will get the Barclays Premier League title in thIs season?

Who will get  the Barclays Premier League title in this season?Seemingly, until the end of this season we have not knew yet who will get the Barclays Premier League title in this season. Man United or Chelsea. Both they still race to get the top position until the end of the season. Manchester United stumbled yet again to allow their rivals real hope of retaining their trophy.Ahead of their match with Arsenal, Sir Alex Ferguson said that a draw would not have been a terrible result for Manchester United. Meanwhile Chelsea tries to race to get many victory in order to over take Man United position as the top standing position in  Barclays Premier League. Chelsea still require a lot of point in their matches to achieve their objective. The match at Old Trafford between Man United against Chelsea will determine a long way to deciding the winners of the Barclays Premier League title Man United or Chelsea that will get the Barclays Premier League title in this season. Every single one certainly look forward on the super Sunday's match between them if one of them win in that match, they will win the league in this season. But it is rather difficult to predict that match because both teams have great players and coach or manager. So that super Sunday match is the final match for both of them. 

Venus Williams is warming up to participate Wimbledon

Venus Williams is warming up to participate Wimbledon. She will prepare her come back to play in Wimbledon after her injury when she played in Australia Open The 30-year-old American has agreed to play at the Eastbourne International from June 11-18 for the first time since 1998.Williams and her sister Serena usually head home to Florida after the French Open to complete their preparations for the grass court Grand Slam, which Venus has won five times. However, both sisters are short of match play. Serena hasn't played since winning Wimbledon last year,.Venus will play at Brussels Open, Before she play in France open starts on May 22.Venus is aiming to continue a strong Grand Slam record from last year where she made the fourth round or better at all four majors. 

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Why Paula Radcliffe can not win Olympic gold?

Paula Radcllife is one of the top women marathon world runner.Seemingly, recently or even previous years when some many times olympics were held Radcllife could not get gold medal. Some scientists even believe that pregnancy and childbirth substantially improves a woman's capacity for endurance, increasing oxygen supplies in the blood and raising their pain threshold. Distance runners Liz McColgan and Ingrid Kristiansen and more recently tennis's Kim Clijsters, in winning the 2009 US Open, have added credence to this theory For now all Radcliffe can do is concentrate on getting her comeback season right. The 37-year-old is scheduled to run her opening race of the season over 10km in London on 30 May,.so, the question is can Paula Radcliffe win Olympic gold in london? it's not easy to answer. remember she is older now and besides, factor an incredible variety of illnesses, injuries and mishaps could affect her performance.

Manch United will recruit players in next summer window transfer

Manch United will recruit players in next summer window transfer. Manchester United target Sneijder given £85m price tag’ is the headline that is reported by The People as they have added the potential salary of the Dutchman, that being around 10 million a year for 5 years. What The People are trying to say is that the Glazers are unlikely to spend that amount of money so ‘that may leave the field clear for City. Besides Sneijder transfer Manch United is also linked with Udinese winger Alexis Sanchez. His transfer to Manchester City in the balance after the Sunday Telegraph claimed that his representatives met with both Manchester clubs as Sir Alex Ferguson personally requested that United try to do a deal with the Chilean man. The Italian club are resigned to losing Sanchez this summer and will receive around £26.5m for the player.  

Barcelona reaches Champions League final

Barcelona reaches the Champions League final, after a 1-1 draw against Real Madrid on Tuesday completed a 3-1 aggregate win. Played in Nou Cam As in the first leg, Barcelona dominated a defensive Madrid, which was without banned coach Jose Mourinho for the match at the Camp Nou Stadium, but the second leg provided a far more absorbing contest than the first. Madrid goalkeeper Iker Casillas kept the visitors in touch with a number of superb saves from Lionel Messi in the first half and would have been back in the tie had Gonzalo Higuain's not been disallowed at the start of the second half.Barcelona lead after Pedro gathered Iniesta's pass alone inside the area before beating Casillas with a low, left-footed shot. Meanwhile Madrid could rise up when Xabi Alonso fed Di Maria in the 64th. Di Maria broke into the area and beat Victor Valdes but not the near post, although the ball bounced right back to the Argentina forward to slide a short pass over to Marcelo for the equalizer.As Barcelona looked to close out the game, Guardiola brought on Eric Abidal in the 90th minute for his first appearance since undergoing surgery to remove a liver tumor in March.  Barcelona possible will against Manchester United which leads Schalke in the first leg semifinal.The final itself will takes place at Wembley on May 28.  

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The top 5 richest women tennis players around the world

Do you want to search who are the top 5 richest women tennis players around the world?. Here the complete reports:

 1. Martina Navratilova — 18 Grand Slams, 167 titles, 86.8% win
     Martina stats: 1,442 wins, 167 titles, a 74-match win streak, playing in 23 consecutive singles finals, 18 singles titles at Grand Slams, 59 total titles at the Slams, nine victories at Wimbledon. Even as a 53-year-old breast-cancer survivor, Martina could probably hold her own on tour today. 
 2. Steffi Graf — 22 Grand Slams, 107 titles, 88.7% win
    Steffi won 25 of 30 tournaments in 1988 and 1989, seven of eight Grand Slams and an Olympic gold medal. She was No. 1 for a record 337 weeks and is the only player to ever win each Grand Slam four times. Detractors will say that her record is inflated because Monica Seles missed two years after being stabbed on the court, but that shouldn’t be held against Graf any more than Court’s lack of competition should be held against her. Plus, Steffi won 11 Grand Slams prior to the Seles incident and held a 6-4 record against her rival at the time. 
3. Chris Evert — 18 Grand Slams, 157 titles, 90% win
   Chrissie’s baseline game wouldn’t work nearly as well in our current big-hitting era, but in her heyday, the "Ice Maiden" was the most consistent player in the Open Era. She made the semifinals of her first 34 Slams, played in the finals in 76 percent of the 303 tournaments she entered and has the highest win percentage in professional tennis history.
4. Margaret Court — 24 Grand Slams, 92 titles, 91% win
  Though her career spanned both the amateur and Open eras, Court could have made this list based on her 1970 season alone. She became the second woman ever to win the Grand Slam, won 21 tournaments and Her record 24 Grand Slams are often mentioned with a qualifier.    
5. Serena Williams — 13 Grand Slams, 37 titles, 80% win
  The younger Williams sister may be closer to the top of this list when her career ends, but as of now she doesn’t have the resume to compare with the four women above her on the list. The 13 Slams are impressive, but only winning 24 more titles in her career? This list values the majors above everything else, but in order to be considered among the all-time greats, Serena needed to prove her tennis prowess in places other than Melbourne, Paris, Wimbledon and Flushing. As L. Jon Wertheim wrote in SI last week, Serena at her peak may have been the greatest who ever stepped onto the court. But this exercise was to rank the greatest careers, not who had the most talent.