Saturday, June 4, 2011

Jose Maurinho artificial looked at Wembley Stadium

Champions League - Attractive coloring Champions League final between Manchester United and Barcelona on Saturday ( 28/05/2011 ).  Among the thousands of fans who meet Wembley, " Jose Mourinho " looking watch that match In a video recording which lasted for 15 minutes, Mourinho looked seriously at the game which Barca won, 3-1.  The Portuguese coach was clearly disappointed that Barcelona won the game. The reason, he supports the " Red Devil "because it appears wearing a Manchester United scarf.Outside the stadium, Mourinho carrying posters that read, " I Should have been at Wembley. Football has been robbed. This game is not over yet. "  That is, I'm supposed to be at Wembley.  Soccer has been robbed.  This game is not over. However, do not get stuck first. Mourinho who was at Wembley,  Mourinho was artificial. At first glance there is no difference between fake and Mourinho real. Uni-bet betting exchange site deliberately sending a man like Mourinho to watch the final game.Uni-bet make it funny material - persiflage after Mourinho often locked horns with Barca has ever pointed protected referee when his team eliminated in the semifinals of the Champions League.In addition, Mourinho also touted successor to Sir Alex Ferguson at Old Trafford.  He has a very good relationship and do not hesitate to give leak about Barca's strength to Fergie.  

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